“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” Spanish Proverb

I started this blog, in part, to serve as a record of the things that I have completed on my Day Zero list. I created this list because they are things that I want to do and the day limit of 1001 was supposed to prevent me from further procrastinating. Key words there: supposed to. I created the list 273 days ago and have 12% of my list completed. If my calculations are correct (which they probably are not as that requires math and I didn’t want to call my dad to have him help me) at the rate I am going I would not complete my list. So, in the next 728 days I need to get going! Starting tomorrow, June 1st I am going to start in on a few of the month-long events on my list.

Go a month without buying anything that isn’t a necessity I am going on a spending freeze! For the whole month of June I am only going to buy the necessities. To me that includes limited groceries and gas (because I have to drive to Terre Haute for my weekend classes). Everything else though such as clothes, shoes, craft supplies, and leisure activities are not necessities so I will not be spending any money on. Ready to replenish my savings account after paying my graduate school bills has definitely taken its toll on my savings! Although it is not on my Day Zero list I am actually taking the pledge to not buy clothes for a year. That is right, 365 days. I am not going to buy clothes for a full year. Well at least I am going to try. Luckily I just scored a sewing machine from a garage sale I went to a few weekends ago so I can mend my clothes or make some new clothes!

Don’t spend any money for a week I am going to kick off my month of not buying anything except groceries and gas by not spending ANY money the first week. Starting June 3rd through June 10th I am not going to buy anything at all. I don’t really foresee this being too difficult as it is only seven days.

Eat a vegetarian diet for a month Starting tomorrow I am also going vegetarian for a month so the groceries that I do buy will be limited to vegetarian options! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a vegetarian and feel as though it will be challenging since I am used to eating meat at most meals. It will also be challenging as during the summer months UIndy has really limited dining options to begin with let alone only being able to eat the vegetarian options. Plus, I will be on my own for dinner every evening so I will need to add some vegetarian recipes to my cookbook because eating salad every single night is not going to be an option! Well it could be, but that would get extremely boring.

Don’t eat fast food for two months I wouldn’t say that I currently eat a lot of fast food, but sometimes it is more convenient when I am traveling to just stop at subway or the like to grab something. I think I will be able to do this with little to no problem, but the challenge will come in as I am taking summer courses that take me to Terre Haute on the weekends so I will have to pack meals for the weekend. Vegetarian meals! Another problem might come in when I go to the Dominican Republic in July, but I’ll address that when it comes!

I will try to update you all as the month(s) go on as to how I am doing with these, but I am taking twelve masters level credits (which helps me work towards Complete my Master’s Degree and working full-time so I know I will be super busy! I will try to keep you in the loop though!! Wish me luck! 🙂


1 thought on ““Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” Spanish Proverb

  1. Pretty ambitious June, I’d say! Good luck, Kelsey – you’re more likely to stick with all of these than most people to begin with, then putting it into the universe via your blog assures even more effort!

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