Vegetarian: A person who eats only side dishes. ~Gerald Lieberman

Eat Vegetarian For A Month June was a busy month for me with work, school, friends moving, and getting myself ready to move. With everything going on I even had a chance to work on crossing off a handful of things on my Day Zero list, including eating vegetarian for a month. This made my list as it has been something that I have always wanted to try. Growing up on a farm meat was pretty much a staple at every meal. However, after living with a vegetarian for a summer during college (Shout out to Ali, one of the best roommates ever! and one of the best summers ever!) I became really intrigued by vegetarians. When I started I debated whether I wanted to try Pescetarianism which would allow me to eat fish or fully commit to vegetarianism. I finally decided to “go big or go home” and went strictly vegetarian.

The first week was full of the excitement of doing something different and checking out what our schools dining hall had to offer during the summer. Pretty needless to say that there was not a lot of vegetarian options besides mixed vegetables and a salad bar. So that is what I had for lunch pretty much every day and then for dinner I tried some new recipes or old recipes with new twists, like tater tot casserole without the ground beef. In retrospect I should have taken photos of them! Week three was the hardest for me as I really wanted some fish or crab salad (<- this is for you Dana!). At this point I was really wishing I would have gone the Pescetarian route, but I stuck with my original commitment.

I definitely ate more vegetables during June than I have in a while which is a good habit for me to get back into as I have never been much of a fan of cooked vegetables. Unless of course there is ketchup on them. Ya, I know it sounds gross, but cooked vegetables are too! I did eat more cheese than I usually do though as cheese quesadillas, toasted cheese sandwiches, and cheese pizza bagels on English muffins were super easy to make! I also re-discovered Morning Star's Black Bean Burgers, YUM!

Although I do not plan to continue eating vegetarian, I had the opportunity to try some new dishes that I really like. I tried new things in the dining hall as well as from scratch and at a few restaurants that I probably would not have tried otherwise that I will have again. My favorite was bumble bee stew that I had a Cajun restaurant. I would have never in a million years gotten this before, but it was SO good!

Now that my month is over though, bring on the steak! 🙂

Again – no pictures – Sorry Mom!


“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

I made it! I went a whole week without spending any money and a whole month without buying anything that wasn’t a necessity (so gas and food). The week from June 3rd to June 10th I did not spend any money on anything. I predicted that it would not be too difficult and I was right. There were a few instances that I probably would have spent money if I hadn’t taken this pledge. For instance I ran out of milk midway through the week and some people went to get Frozen Yogurt, which of course sounded delicious because I knew I could not have any. Obviously I survived the week without having to buy either one.

This week was a good kick off to my month of not buying anything that wasn’t a necessity. I ended up spending money on gas to get me to class in Terre Haute, overnight housing once I got to class, and on food. I only needed to buy groceries once as most of my lunches I was able to eat with my meal plan which is part of my compensation for work. When I did buy groceries, I only bought what I needed and not extra snacks or anything. I went out for a few meals which I classified as a necessity because of the social aspect of it. I met some new people through my on campus classes and it was nice to go out with them for dinner in between my weekend classes.

This month-long excursion excites me for my year-long pledge to not buy any clothes, shoes, or accessories. It was also a good reminder of the times that I think I need to spend money or buy something and I really do not. My brother will probably freak out when/if he reads this post as he thinks I am already super frugal, but embarking in this week-long complete spending freeze and month-long spending limit really refocused me on what is necessary and important. I do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun if I am with people who make me happy we create our own fun! That is what really matters – the people I spend my time with not what I spend my money on ❤

Sorry, No photos this time!