“A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

I made it! I went a whole week without spending any money and a whole month without buying anything that wasn’t a necessity (so gas and food). The week from June 3rd to June 10th I did not spend any money on anything. I predicted that it would not be too difficult and I was right. There were a few instances that I probably would have spent money if I hadn’t taken this pledge. For instance I ran out of milk midway through the week and some people went to get Frozen Yogurt, which of course sounded delicious because I knew I could not have any. Obviously I survived the week without having to buy either one.

This week was a good kick off to my month of not buying anything that wasn’t a necessity. I ended up spending money on gas to get me to class in Terre Haute, overnight housing once I got to class, and on food. I only needed to buy groceries once as most of my lunches I was able to eat with my meal plan which is part of my compensation for work. When I did buy groceries, I only bought what I needed and not extra snacks or anything. I went out for a few meals which I classified as a necessity because of the social aspect of it. I met some new people through my on campus classes and it was nice to go out with them for dinner in between my weekend classes.

This month-long excursion excites me for my year-long pledge to not buy any clothes, shoes, or accessories. It was also a good reminder of the times that I think I need to spend money or buy something and I really do not. My brother will probably freak out when/if he reads this post as he thinks I am already super frugal, but embarking in this week-long complete spending freeze and month-long spending limit really refocused me on what is necessary and important. I do not need to spend a lot of money to have fun if I am with people who make me happy we create our own fun! That is what really matters – the people I spend my time with not what I spend my money on ❤

Sorry, No photos this time!


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