“People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it” ~Robbie Coltrane

This post is a blast from the past! For the last three weekends in June, I traveled to Terre Haute for two required oncampus courses for my masters program. I had one class all day Friday and a different class all day Saturday. Well the first week, I woke up super early on Friday morning to make the hour and a half drive to class that started at 8am. After week one though, I realized that heading to Terre Haute on Thursday night and just spending a little extra money for the additional night staying on campus was going to be worth it! The last two weeks, I carpooled with two of my classmates (shout out to Dana and Colin!). Both weeks we attended trivia night at a bar. We went to Sonka’s Irish Pub where we met up with one of Dana’s friends from high school and his regular trivia team and had dinner while participating in their trivia night.

Now, for those of you that know how great I am at trivia, you can about guess how much I contributed to the team (not much!) The first week though, I was able to tell the group the the Thunderbirds and the Pink Ladies could be found at Rydell High! Whoot whoot! Go Grease!! The second week I contributed that Charlie Brown’s friends wanted him to buy a big fancy aluminum tree AND that Lucy claimed that a person was not great until they had their picture on a bubblegum card (It was Christmas based trivia) Luckily the regular team and Colin were really good so my lack of contribution did not stop the team from winning!! They had won for several weeks in a row and each week they won gift certificates to the bar that they were saving up to use for a completely free fun evening out.

It was definitely a fun atmosphere and nice to spend some time with my classmates outside of class! 🙂 The food was also really good, they had the BEST homemade chips and french onion dip ever! yummy! If you ever find yourself in Terre Haute for anything, which I really hope you never have to, be sure to stop by Sonka’s! especially if it is a Thursday night!! It is sure to be a great time

Here is picture I found online of Sonka’s Irish Pub. Definitely the small town bar feeling!


1 thought on ““People call it trivia because they know nothing and they are embarrassed about it” ~Robbie Coltrane

  1. your life in Indy sounds amazing and eventful. I miss you! Glad to see you whenever I get the chance. Keep smiling 🙂

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