“There is a magic in misery. Just ask any runner.” Dean Karnazes

Sending out an early morning post for you all to enjoy! I woke up around 4:30 and couldn’t fall back asleep so decided to just get up and be productive before I headed to the gym. Amazing how much one can get done in the wee hours of the morning when it seems nobody else is awake. Gah! I love mornings!! Speaking of loving things, this post is about running… something I don’t particularly love…#thrower4life. However, over the past couple months, I’ve been trying super hard to at least like it! In my efforts to enjoy running more, I completed a couple runs with some friends.

I ran my first 5K at the beginning of summer. My three goals wrapped into one were to complete it without walking in under 30 minutes. I didn’t die, even though at mile 2.5 I was not 100% convinced I wasn’t going to! I finished without walking and the time on the clock was 30:31. Although I didn’t look at the clock when I officially started or use a watch to time myself (running newbie!) I’m pretty sure I started running with at least 31 seconds on the clock so I’m chalking that up as a goal met!

Bib Number!

Bib Number! I made sure to send this out before-hand so that if race officials had to peel me off the trail I’d be easier to identify #comfortingpreracethoughts 

Post-Run! #sweatyselfie

Post-Run! #sweatyselfie

More recently though, I ran a 5k Color Run to support my friend Katie’s roller derby team. This run was significantly more fun! Partially due to running with friends, partially because of all the color powder being thrown. The dance party after the run was also fun, which you know much have been top notch if my non-dancing self enjoyed it 🙂

Before the color run!

Before the color run with Katie and Jeff!

Run, Run, Run! :)

Run, Run, Run! 🙂 Looks like I smile even when I run! #foreversmiling

Yay for Friends and Post-Run Smiles

Yay for Friends and Post-Run Smiles! #colorful

The most recent run I completed was part of Inaguration Weekend for our new President. The College of Saint Benedict hosted a “Glo-run” that tied into the inaguration theme of “Illuminate.” It was a two mile course that ran through our campus. It was held at night and neon paint was launched at us and we were “illuminated” with glow-sticks. It was a neat community event to be a part of. One of my college roommates/track teammates came up for the weekend and I suckered her into running it with me. By that I mean, I signed us up before even asking her about it, thanks for being a great sport, Alyssa 🙂

Alyssa and I at the Glo-Run!

High-Fiving the cheering sisters during the Glo-Run! Super AH-DOR-ABLE! #lovethesisters

I don’t have any other races planned for the near future. The thought of upping my mileage and tackling a 10k has crossed my mind a few times. Usually though, my thrower instincts kick in and remind me that voluntarily running 6.someoddnumber miles does not sound like much fun to me.